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4 Ways to Style your Dress Pants/ Trousers

Dress pants/ Trousers/ Formal Pants- Whatever you call them, they are a must have in every man’s wardrobe. But wait a minute. I also know that majority of you people consider it to be the most boring piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Well, I am writing this article just to break that myth. It might seem boring to many men because they never think of styling it more than one way. Infact, I would say that dress pants are the most versatile piece of apparels you own.

Let me give you 4 scenarios that will cover all kind of situations:

–Ultra Dressy / Business formals

Ultra Dressy
Beach wedding Look
Business Formals
Business Formals

Need not say much about this. That’s how most of you style your trousers/pants. Be it office or a wedding, the levels of formailty of the place or the event decides the colors of the rest of the pieces in your outfit. The trousers always remain a staple though. Note that I keep Ultra Dressy and Office wear as two different terms as the color and details of your outfit will be very different in the two cases but can still fall into one larger category.

— Dressy

Night Out/ Party Wear
Office wear
Office wear

For those who don’t understand what I mean by ‘dressy’ , any place where you want to go feeling dressed up but still want to keep it a level below suits. This can either be when you go to office or when you are on a night out or out for a party or out clubbing. I say you ditch those dark wash jeans and get hold of them trousers because they make you look more mature and attractive.


Polo Tee paired with Navy Dress Pants
Casual dress pants look
Crew Neck Tee paired with Grey Dress Pants

It gets more interesting now. So, how many of you have tried pairing your dress pants or your office pants with a polo shirt or a t-shirt? If you haven’t yet, you are missing out on a lot of cool OOTD’s. You can try doing a cuff at the bottom that will give your dress pants a casual touch. Check out the pictures above for inspiration.

–Ultra Casual

Ultra Casual

Ever roamed around the beach with a hawaiian shirt and dress pants paired together? Yes you can pull off the ultra casual look with your dress pants. Although, the pants in the picture are closer to chinos than dress pants but you can do the same look with navy trousers and it would work just as fine.

I am sure many of you would use dress pants only for 1st and 2nd category. But if you know how to style your pants for 3rd and 4th, you have then fully unlocked the potential of your dress pants/trousers.

Being stylish is about experimenting and being comfortable in what you wear. So, if you are even 1% uncomfortable styling your trousers in any of the said ways, do not do it because it will dent the confidence that is needed to look good. However, I am sure once you try these ways of styling, you are going to love them. If you get comfortable and enjoy these looks, you will definitely be the most stylish man in the room.

Look forward to my article on fit guide and fabric guide for dress pants. Also check out my article on white pants if you haven’t.

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