Shape your beard

5 Grooming tips for Men

I have highlighted the importance of grooming for men time and again. This time I have come up with 5 grooming tips that I personally follow to make sure I look the best all the time.

Groom your Eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrow hair looks neat. That doesn’t mean you have to get your eyebrows done in a salon. What can really help you is a tweezer. Wayward strands of hair can be easily pulled out. If you have a very light unibrow, tweezer can be used to remove that. You can also use scissors or eyebrow trimmer to maintain the eyebrow hair length so that they don’t grow too long. 

Eyebrow grooming

Keep a concealer

Don’t frown. Concealer is as useful for men as it is for women. Any kind of marks or any leftover scars after popping that pimple can be easily covered using a concealer. I am sure you all want to look flawless on your first date or a job interview. Just a touch of concealer and you re good to go


Shape your beard

I used to get threading done regularly right above my beard so that no wayward hair remains on the cheeks. Recently, I have started using tweezer for the same. It takes time but it saves me the hassle to go to the salon very frequently. 

Shape your beard

Use a mouthwash/ Brush twice

Does your mouth smell bad the time you wake up in the morning until you brush your teeth. Well, it can get quite embarrassing if you have a partner in bed with you. Those early morning cuddles can turn quite nasty for her. Do yourself a favour and use mouthwash daily before going to bed. It helps prevent bad breath 24*7.

Mouthwash daily

Don’t use a plastic comb

Plastic combs cause static , hair frizz and also create unnecessary pulling that weaken your hair. I personally use only hands to style my hair. If you use a hair dryer the right way, you actually wouldn’t need a comb except if you have really messy or curly hair. 

Plastic combs


I will come up with more grooming tips in future. Keep watching this space. Let me know how did you like this article in the comments section below.

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