Pink Shirt Style Guide for Men

Yeah, you read that right. This piece will be dedicated to pink for men. If you are still among those who believe in the outdated idea of pink being feminine, I can only advise you to come out of this crap. Pink is for everyone. And I am not only saying this to beat sexism but pink, in fact, looks absolutely sexy on men. You just got to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Don’t be afraid of getting ridiculed by your ignorant boy gang. You will realize this when you re the only one among your gang being checked out by women . I am going to focus specifically on the pink shirt in the article.

So, how do you choose the right pink shirt? If you read my articles, you know I always have an organised approach to things. Let’s start.


The most important thing if you want to rock that pink shirt is getting the shade right. There are tonnes of shades of pink available out there. You got to pick the shade that complements best with your skin tone. There is a thumb rule you can follow:

  • For paler/lighter skin tone, lighter shades of pink are going to look the best
  • The darker your skin, the more shades of pink you can pull off.

To be safe, choose a lighter shade of pink because that can never go wrong. Too much of saturated pink  doesn’t generally look good on anyone.

Light Pink Shirt
Light Pink


Dark pink Shirt
Dark Pink


An oxford shirt is your best bet. They will look great on everyone. Pink polos and t-shirts can look a little preppy. There are higher chances of going wrong with them. But hey, if that’s the mood of the occasion, go ahead with it. Pink sweaters are generally a ‘No’.

Pink Polo


Light Pink T-shirt



Normal cotton and cotton blends work perfectly fine. But just in case you are not feeling comfortable with it, an interesting option for you can be a pink chambray shirt. The chambray fabric uses a plain weave, which involves single strands of colored and white thread being woven together.

Pink Chambray
Pink Chambray

There are a lot of different ways you can include pink in your outfit if you don’t want to go with shirts. Ties, pocket squares, bow ties can all have a touch of pink. This article is specific to shirts . So, I will discuss the rest in future articles.


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