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5 more Style Mistakes while Wearing a Suit

Before we get down to business, let me give you a reminder that I have already written an article on style mistakes to avoid while wearing a suit. This is the second article in that series where I bring you to 5 more style mistakes that you must avoid to look like you arrived straight outta dapper street. In case you have not seen my earlier article, go check it out before moving further .

So, let’s start with this

Tie-pocket square sets

Wearing Tie-pocket square sets is a fashion sin. Your tie and pocket square should not be exactly the same material and design. Although there should be consistency in terms of colors, the overall look needs to be different. The pictures below will showcase this.

Wrong Tie-Pocket Square Combo


Right Tie Pocket Square Combo

Improper tie length

The bottom of your tie should not go any lower than the belt buckle, neither should it end before the belt buckle. Ideally, the bottom should be around the top of your belt buckle but if you wear your pants a little high, it can go mid to bottom of your belt buckle but not beyond that.

Wrong Tie Length


Right Tie Length

Improper tie width

The width of your tie depends on your body structure or the lapel width. As a thumb rule, ensure that the width of your tie matches the width of your lapel (drop a perpendicular from the farthest point of the lapel to judge the width). It’s all about getting the proportions right.

Right Tie Width

Inappropriate color of the dress shirt

Be careful about wearing colors particular to the occasion. In a formal business setting, wear light coloured shirts like white, sky blue, etc under your suit jacket. Keep the black aside for gala events.


Inappropriate sock type

Numerous times have I seen men wearing inappropriate socks like the Nike socks with the tick logo under their suits. It looks awful, gentlemen. Don’t think you can get away with it. Your socks will be visible whenever you sit. It’s basic knowledge to wear dress socks with dress shoes.

Wrong suit socks


Right Suit Socks


You, now, have a comprehensive list of style mistakes you need to avoid while wearing a suit. There is no reason for you to not absolutely dapper in that suit now. Keep watching this space for more interesting articles

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