Build Your Wardrobe: Henley Shirts

What is a Henley Shirt?

Let’s start with the basics. A henley shirt has following characteristics:

  • No collar. Has a round neck design
  • Has a placket or an opening in the round neck usually having 2-5 buttons.
  • Sleeves can be either short or long


Henley can be a great substitute for Polo shirts or T-shirts. The buttons on the Henley make it dressier than the t-shirt but no collar means it is less dressy than a polo shirt.

Make sure you get the following things right when buying a henley shirt.


There are a lot of cotton and cotton blend based henleys available in the market. The three very popular fabrics are: Cotton, Cotton Polyester blends and thermals. Thermal Henleys are great for winters and can be layered for a stylish and different look. Cotton blends are suited for summer months.

Cotton Henley
Cotton Henley


Thermal Henley
Thermal Henley


There are a lot of things that you need to check when it comes to fit , for example – Collar, buttons, neck opening, sleeves, length . I have written a whole fit guide for Polo shirts and T-shirts. Doesn’t really differ much except the buttons. Buttons in some henleys can go deeper than polo shirts.


You fill find plethora of options when it comes to color. For the first few pieces, I would recommend to go with solid colors like Navy, Gray, white etc. You also need to figure out what color matches your particular skin tone and what color will match the rest of the items in your wardrobe. If you have a lot of navy and gray in your wardrobe, it might be better to choose a different colour that can complement that.

Henley Colors


So, you have 2 options here – Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve. While you will find options in both long sleeve and short sleeve, I would recommend long sleeve any day. There’s just something about the short sleeve henley that looks incomplete. It doesn’t really look balanced. The long sleeve, on the other hand, looks like a complete piece. It’s elegant and balances the outfit pretty well.

Short Sleeve Henley
Short Sleeve


Long Sleeve Henley
Long Sleeve


In my future articles, I would suggest different ways in which you can rock the henley shirt. Keep watching this space for more.

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