Men's fragrances

Men’s Fragrances: Why and What to choose from?

Why do you need a fragrance?

I have received compliments in life about my clothes, my hair etc. etc. but nothing really feels better than the compliment “You smell great”. Men don’t seem to realize the importance of smell in their overall personality. It is such a powerful thing. If you smell good, people would want to be around you. You will create a mark on people and they are going to remember you somehow without you doing much. Fragrance fosters deeper emotional connections with people. Smell bad and nobody wants to be around you. You won’t even know what went wrong and you would have probably repelled important people like a job recruiter or a woman you love.

For all the deodorant lovers out there, don’t expect your deodorants to do the job of a fragrance/perfume for you. Don’t really believe in those TV ads. Deodorants have a different purpose altogether. Most people resent the smell of a man drowned in deodorant spray.


Difference between Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau De Parfum (EDP) and Eau De Cologne (EDC)


These are fragrances with concentration of pure perfume essence at about 15-20% . These fragrances will last the longest on your skin. Can last upto 9-10 hrs without re-application.


It is lighter than EDP, with a 5-15% concentration of the essence. It usually lasts for 5 to 6 hours. But it really depends on the amount applied and it’s reaction with the natural oils in your skin.


These fragrances are lighter than EDT with concentration of pure perfume at about 2-5%. They usually last for around 2-3 hours.


There also others like Parfum which has the strongest concentration of pure perfume and Eau de Fraiche which has the weakest concentration of pure perfume but these are not very common and hence, we are not discussing about these.

Difference between Niche and Designer Fragrances

Designer fragrances

These are fragrances that come from the house of clothing designers. Scents from Dior, Chanel, Prada,Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana are all designer fragrances . These brands do a lot of other stuff like cosmetics etc as well. These fragrances are mass produced and you will find them easily in the market. Designer fragrances try to target mainstream audiences and hence, these fragrances are more mass pleasing.

Designer fragrances

Niche fragrances

These fragrances are intended for a specific audience. Niche perfume houses are dedicated to producing high quality fragrances and that’s the only thing they do. Niche perfume designers go for very specific high quality ingredients that are not intended to please the masses which means they are less generic. These fragrances are more expensive than designer fragrances in most cases and are not very easily available in the market.

Niche Pefumes

Fragrance Dynamics

Not all fragrances are meant for all occasions. It’s important to understand the dynamics of fragrances. You can’t buy a Versace Eros and expect to wear it at work. It’s not just about smelling good but about smelling appropriate for the environment. A sweet seductive fragrance like Versace Eros is meant to be used in a nightclub or bars. Wear it in office and you might just throw an image of a douche.

Fragrance choice should depend on 3 major factors:

Season: Hot/Cold etc.

Time: Day/Night etc.

Occasion: Casual/Formal/Work/Weddings etc.

There are fragrances that can be worn for all occasions and if you want to keep just one fragrance, these are the fragrances you should go for.

In my future articles, I would try to cover this in deep and give fragrance recommendations on the basis of different seasons, time of the day, occasion etc.

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