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White Pants – How to Wear them?

If I make a list of top clothing items that men dread to wear, I m sure the white pants would make it to the top. This is even more true in case of the subcontinent. I totally understand the fear. White pants can either look absolutely dapper or a complete fiasco. There is no in between. Depends on the way you style it.

I feel that a well tailored piece of white pants can look super stylish when paired with the right color tones. But there is one thing even more important than colors and fit – Confidence. White trousers can make your outfit extremely sharp and edgy and the key to pull off such a look is carrying it with utmost confidence. Don’t be subdued by the look. If you re conscious and unsure about your white trouser outfit all the time, it’s never going to look great. That’s the science of style.

So, what are the questions that should come to your mind?

How important is the fit?

It’s even more important in case of white trousers (Jeans or Chinos) because wearing white means that’s the first thing people will notice in your outfit. Sloppy fit is equal to disaster. I have a whole article on how a jeans should fit. Check that out now.


How white should it be?

White pants can come in different shades of white. Pick the one you are most comfortable with. If you think you will never be confident wearing the bright white, try the off-white one. There will always be a colour that will work well for you.

Off White Chinos
Off White Chinos

What colors to wear with white pants?

It’s important to mix colors in a white pant outfit. Work with the contrast. Understand what contrast is suitable for what occasion. For example, look at these two pictures.

High Contrast
High Contrast


Low Contrast
Low Contrast

The higher contrast outfit is not really fit for everyday wear as it looks more dressy and should be worn to particular events while the low contrast outfit is perfect for everyday wear. You can also mix pinstripe shirts and striped t-shirts to give a sharp casual look.


What shoes to wear with white pants?

My favourite shoe for a white pants outfit is a suede loafer. They work perfect with the white pants. Leather loafers will slightly raise the outfit on the formality meter. Suede Chukka boots also work amazingly well with white trousers.

Courtesy : Hespokestyle

Can we wear white pants in all seasons?

White trousers are meant for high heat summers. There are fashion bloggers and websites who will encourage you to wear white pants all year long. But if you are an average man who has not yet got hold of your style game , I would suggest you to totally avoid it.


How versatile are white pants?

White pants are extremely versatile. They work with almost everything – Light shade shirts, dark shade shirts, denim shirts, printed shirts, Hawaiian shirts, plain t-shirts, striped t-shirts, striped shirts, blazers, hoodies. You just need to figure out the right occasion for each type of outfit.

white-pants-pinstripe tee

White pants

Never forget one thing though – You have to keep them clean. They are prone to dirt which means you have to be extra careful with them. Avoid wearing white pants if you are going to fling curries over lunch.

I am still not saying that everyone can pull off the white pants. There will be people who will never be confident about wearing them. White pants are not for them. For the rest of the people, go and grab a pair of white pants now.

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