Polo Shirts : Choose the Right Polo

Polo shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. I am yet to come across a man who doesn’t have atleast one Polo shirt in his wardrobe. Having said that, it is also one of the most common things that guys are getting wrong. Before expanding your wardrobe, you got to make sure that the already existing pieces in your wardrobe are actually the best you can have. I will try to help you achieve exactly that with this and the forthcoming article.


There are a lot of cotton and cotton blend based polos available in the market. The two very popular fabrics are: Pique cotton and Pima Cotton. I am a big fan of Pima cotton and I would recommend it to every guy with lean to muscular build. I personally wear only Pima cotton polos. They look so much better than pique cotton on my body type.

Pique Cotton fabric
Pique Cotton fabric


Pima Cotton Fabric
Pima Cotton Fabric


There are a lot of things that you need to check when it comes to fit , for example – Collar, buttons, neck opening, sleeves, length . I will write a whole fit guide for Polo shirts in my next article as we will need a different article to touch all the areas with respect to polo shirt fit.


Plain solid colors are the best as they look great and can be very easily paired with the other items in your wardrobe. Black, white, navy, gray, light blue are some good choices. I am not a big fan of something like a bright yellow or orange colours. You also have to be careful if you want to buy printed polos. Look for prints that are subtle and not too over the top.


Keep the logos to absolue minimum. Even if there are some, their color should blend in the color of your polo. Big crazy logos are off-putting and not pleasant to look at.

Huge logo Polos
Subtle or no logo Polos

Recommendation: Pima cotton polo shirts from H&M are amazing. They fit so well and are very soft to touch. Look for the right piece in the collection because even for the same size, some pieces often stretch a lot due to a lot of different sized people who keep trying them on.

H&M Polo shirt

I am going to come up with a comprehensive fit guide for polo shirts in the next couple of days. Keep wathcing this space for more such articles.

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