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Understanding the Right Fit #2 : Jeans

I am back with the second article in this series of ‘Understanding the right fit’. The first article was about T-shirts. In case you missed that, check it out by clicking on the hyperlink. This article is going to be about jeans. A bad fitting jeans can ruin the entire appeal of your outfit and I see that so much around me. I have emphasized it quite a lot that fashion & style is not about doing things different, it’s about doing things right. And jeans is something you literally live in. So, it’s extremely important to get that right.


The most popular rule here is that the waist of your jeans should be such that you don’t need a belt to hold your jeans. You will find popular fashion pages leaving you just with this rule. But this rule , just in itself, is not an accurate measure. Let me give you an example of myself. I am a guy with a small waist but my bottoms are relatively bigger. That creates an arch shape at the back like you see in this picture.

Arch back

So, even when I wear a 32″ waist size, I don’t need a belt because though my waist is smaller, my buttocks will hold the jeans in place. But is that okay? No. In such cases, you will usually find the jeans fit correctly from the front but there will be a gap left at the back side. When you wear a belt on this, the jeans will fold at the back creating an unpleasant look. So, while buying jeans you must keep trying lower waist sizes that fit your waist with least gap at the back provided your bottoms don’t start looking like melons. If you absolutely can’t find the right balance, buy the one that makes your buttocks look normal and leaves the least gap. You can go to the tailor later for waist modifications. I have had to go to the tailor myself a handful of times before.

Loose waist band jeans
The Waist Band Gap


Tailor Fixed Waist Band
Waist Band fixed by Tailor


So, this is something that so many people are getting wrong. Either the people don’t care about it or they are simply lazy to go and alter their jeans to the perfect length. Your jeans should fall on you shoe such that they only have a slight break. The break is the fold that happens when your jeans touches your shoe. This kind of length also keeps your jeans versatile. You can also cuff your jeans from this length to show some ankle for an ultra casual no-break look. A lot of people like to go for the stacked look with their jeans but please understand that it only looks good when the jeans are well-tapered. Otherwise it just looks like a dirty unattractive mess bulging out at the bottom.

Right length - Jeans
Wrong Length- Jeans


Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. In most cases, Mid-rise is the option you want to go for. Low-rise or low waist is out of fashion. Only the people who have very short legs can go for the high-rise (touching the belly button) to make their legs look longer than usual.

Rise in Jeans


This is the thing that a majority of the men are compromising with. Your jeans should run close to you leg below the knees. The opening for the feet ,especially, has to be just right so that you can easily slip your feet throught it but not any broader. If it’s too airy below the knees, it’s killing your style game. On the other hand, very skinny is also something I would ask you to avoid if you don’t want to look like a woman. If you are not getting the perfect tapered jeans for you, go to the tailor guys. You got to know the right tailor who has experience in tapering jeans. It’s a very simple process. Look at this youtube video by Levi’s, for example.

I hope you found this article useful. I will come up with the third article in this series very soon. Meanwhile, you can suggest me items that I can cover as a part of this series in the comments section below.

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  • Shantanu , Direct link to comment

    I would Really Appreciate if you can emphasis more the Right Length of the Jeans a Bit More thoroughly. Perhaps with more pictures.

    • Rahul Raina , Direct link to comment

      For reference, you can look at the thumbnail of this article on the home page. Same picture is in the lookbook tab. Ideally, touching your shoes and not creating untidy stacking that bulges out and looks so messy and unattractive.

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