US Polo Leather Dress Boots

The Lace-up Leather Boots: Dressy vs Casual – Choose the Right Boots

I am pretty sure not every man sees a pair of leather boots as a must have in his wardrobe, especially in a tropical country like India. I think differently. In one of my previous articles, I discussed about the leather jacket being a must have in every stylish man’s wardrobe. Well, I discussed another thing there. The leather boots are the perfect match for the leather jacket in any outfit. Pairing leather jacket with sneakers takes away the bad boy charm of the leather jacket. But that’s not the only outfit you need the leather boot for. They work pretty well in all kinds of smart casual outfits.

Now, before buying a pair, you need to know there are two main styles of the leather lace up boots: The Dress boot and the Casual Boot.

Dress boot Vs Casual Boot

Lace up Dress Boots
Lace up Dress Boots
Lace up Casual Boots
Lace up Casual Boots


Dress boot will have a thin sole. Think of a derby dress shoe that is a high-top. That is what a dress boot should look like. The sole can be just leather or in most cases might have a certain rubber padding. Casual boots usually have a chunkier sole that is supposed to give you maximum grip.

Toe Design

The toe of a dress boot is sleek and round. Also, the toe is not high, a feature that you will find in many casual boots. The toes in casual boots generally have a lot of room. Look at the pictures above to find the difference


The leather on a casual lace up boot is usually the grainy cowhide leather like you see in the picture below. Dress boots have calfskin leather that is more consistent and smooth in appearance.

Cowhide leather
Calfskin leather

Color Recommendation: Your first boot has to be the dark brown colour. There is no colour more versatile than this when it comes to boots. You can go for a black as your second pair of boots.

One thing to note here – By dressy boots, I don’t mean that you can pair them with suits but you can certainly pull off the business or smart casual looks. You can even pull off wearing trousers with these boots. You can surely find boots that are dressy and formal enough to be worn with suits but they won’t be as versatile . Hence, I recommend your first boot to be something that you can’t wear with suits.


I own these leather dressy lace ups from US Polo. I love the broguing patterns on their wingtips that make it not so formal but the overall design is still dressy enough to wear with outfits like trousers and casual outfits like jeans as well.

US Polo Leather Dress Boots
US Polo Leather Dress Boots


Have you got a pair of dressy boots yet? If not, what are you waiting for? I guarantee you it won’t be a bad investment.


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  • Sahil Gaur , Direct link to comment

    Nice post dude. Add some right fit and misfit examples for casual boots too.

    • Rahul Raina , Direct link to comment

      Thanks for the suggestion ! Will surely cover the casual boots in future articles.

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