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Manscaping Product Guide: Trimmers, Clippers, Body Groomers, Shavers

There are so many hair removal/manscaping products available in the market that it can be overwhelming at times. One problem about this is that many people don’t really know about all the manscaping products that exist. Many of my friends didn’t know there is something called a Body Groomer designed specifically to remove body hair. Another problem is that many people don’t understand the difference between these products. Recently, I saw one of my friends trying to use a body groomer to shave his beard and I realised people are not quite aware.

Hence, I am writing this article to help people understand the manscaping products better. I am not going to bore you with too much technicalities. My idea is that you understand what each product is intended to do.

Beard Trimmer

You all know this. Beard trimmer is the product that you use if you want to keep a stubble. It comes with a comb and various levels of adjustments for you to maintain the length you want. Trimmers are meant to work on short and fine hair. The blades of a trimmer are short and thin to give a close cut.

Beard Trimmer


Hair Clipper

This has created a lot of confusion in many peoples’ minds. So, it’s important to clear this out. The product that you see your barber using on your hair is not a trimmer but a clipper. Although they look similar but there are major differences. Clippers are usually bigger in size. The blades are long and have more gap in between them than the trimmer blades. They are meant for thick and long hair and won’t work as fine on the beard as the trimmer. Similarily, you don’t want to use trimmer on your hair as there are high chances you are going to make yourself bald.

Hair clippers



Nose and Ear trimmer

This is specially designed for the sensitive skin in the nostrils and the ears. The round design works perfectly for nose and ears.

Nose & Ear trimmer


Eyebrow Trimmer

Most of the times, this is your regular nose and ear trimmer used with a comb specifically designed to groom bushy eyebrows. It’s not just for women. If you have excessive hair on your eyebrows, you can safely use this without the fear of accidentally shaving off the whole thing. In some multi-grooming kits, you might find a comb specially designed for eyebrows to be used over the regular trimmer. E.g. Philips QG3387/15

Eyebrow trimmers


Body Groomer

These look quite different from the regular trimmers and are designed for body hair. Regular trimmers don’t work well for body hair if you want to keep a length setting. My body hair, for example, grows in different directions and hence, the regular trimmer doesn’t  work that well if I use it with a comb. Also, trimmers are hard to use on contours like underarms, groin etc. Body groomers can be used bi-directionally (up & down) and many of them come with combs to adjust the length of your body hair.

Body groomer




If you are not looking for a stubble but a clean shaven look, shaver is the right product for you. A good thing about these is that they save you the hassle and money on buying blade cartridges regularly. There are two types of shavers: Rotary Shaver and Foil Shaver.

Rotary shavers generally have 3 rotating heads. They are good for thick hair that grow in different directions as it is meant to be used by moving in circular motions on your face

Rotary Shaver
Rotary shaver

Foil shavers have a thin layer of foil covering the oscillating blades that serve the purpose of lifting the hair up and reducing the blade on skin contact. They work by moving in straight lines. Hence, if you have hair growing in different directions, rotary shaver is a better product for you.

Foil shaver
Foil shaver


I hope I helped you in choosing the right grooming product for you. Keep following for more such articles on grooming


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