Summer Plaid Shirt Looks

Build your Wardrobe: The Summer Plaid Shirt

There are few clothing items that, I feel, are the superstars of the Summer Casual wear. A white sneaker, casual tees, chinos to name a few. Although, a less talked about and one of my most favorite summer day wear items is the Summer Plaid shirt. This style trend refuses to die down and I see more brands producing better brighter versions of the Summer plaid shirt each passing season.

What makes the Summer plaid shirt so ideal for summer?

  • Fabric

A classic summer plaid is around 70% cotton and 30% linen. This makes it feel very light while avoiding the wrinkling properties of pure linen. The fabric is just so soft. You will fall in love with it

  • Color

The bright colorful patterns in the plaid shirts make it ideal to be worn on sunny days. With the infinite color options and so many different patterns, you will always find one that will look good on your skin tone

  • Versatility

They can as easily be dressed up as they can be dressed drown. If you want something for the business casual kind of day at the office – Pick up your summer plaid, tuck it in your chinos, throw a belt and an oxford/derby dress shoe. You re good to go, my friend.

Casual Outfit inspiration

The Summer plaids can be layered so easily. It feels like magic. Here, I layer my bright aqua blue plaid shirt from UCB on top of a white t-shirt from Zara, throw in a slim fit Jeans from Zara and finish it with the classic Adidas Superstars. Oh and not to forget, the super cool round sunglasses that I got from H&M worth only 800 bucks (Isn’t it a steal?).

Summer Plaid Shirt Outfit

Summer Plaid Shirt Looks

I hope I could convince at least some of you to get a few summer plaid shirts in your wardrobe. Keep following for more such articles.

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