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Understanding the Right Fit #1 : T-Shirts

I know it’s well drilled into everyone’s minds that it is very imortant to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Every other fashion literature talks about the fit. So, why am I writing this article? Because although everyone does seem to know about the concept but many are still delusional about what the right fit actually is. I have encountered many instances where a person seemed to find nothing wrong in the fitting of his outfit but I could see major scope of improvement. That goes down to even basic items like t-shirts.

This is the first article in the “Understanding the right fit” series. In this article, I am picking the most basic item of clothing to discuss with you – T-shirts. These are going to be my personal opinions. So, you got to take it with a pinch of salt.



Talking about crew necks, you simply throw your t-shirt away if the collar looks like in the picture. The t-shirt collar should be crisp and snug.

crew neck











Talking about crew necks, please don’t fancy your v-neck length too deep. We want to keep it presentable.

Deep V neck












This is the part that makes or breaks the look of your t-shirt. A simple rule to follow here – Not Long Not Wide. If your sleeve lightly hugs your biceps, it is going to naturally make your biceps look muscular even if they are not. If the sleeves are too wide, it is going to make your arms look weak.

Tip – Cuffing your sleeves can help taper the sleeve in many cases to achieve the desired look.

Wrong sleeve t-shirt
Right fit t-shirt











Your t-shirt should be slightly snug around the chest and then fall straight along your body.  To get a feel of what I am saying, you should go around and look at the slim fit t-shirt section of H&M. These are the t-shirts that I won’t recommend. Although these fit right around the chest , they don’t fall straight below it but instead run too close to the body all along. This makes a skinny person look too skinny and a heavy person look too heavy. What you should rather go for is the regular fit version of the t-shirts in H&M.

Tight T-shirt
Good t-shirt











The last part that you have to be careful about in your t-shirts is the length. A lot of articles I read specify a default length that covers your belt but falls slightly above the end of the jean pocket. I am not highly impressed with the technique. With so many different body shapes and sizes, this techinque might not just work for everyone. A better way that I found in one of the GQ videos works personally for me. Just wear your t-shirt and stand in front of the mirror. Raise your hand up and make sure that the t-shirt falls somewhere around your waistline and no skin is visible. If you can see your skin, that’s not the perfect length for you. Coming to the posterior, your t-shirt should hit the top of your butt. Any longer means too long. I know there are those long hipster t-shirts trending now but we are talking about our basic t-shirt.

Long t-shirt
Right length t-shirt














I personally feel that if you re a big guy with saggy man boobs and bulging belly, you can do better than a t-shirt. A t-shirt will accentuate the irregularities. A nice casual shirt looks way better.


I hope you found this article useful and you would keep these things in mind when you shop for a t-shirt next. I am not a fan of shopping fashion online. You can make mistakes that you don’t even realise. Shopping is not so easy. It takes effort and attention to detail. The next article I am going to write in this series is about Jeans. Follow me on instagram and facebook to receive regular updates.

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