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Understanding you hair-styling products : Hair gel, pomade, clay and wax

The world of hair-styling products is quite complex. With so many different products, I am sure it gets hard for many to understand what exactly these products do different from each other . Well, I am sure there are many who really haven’t tried to understand because they don’t give a damn about it. Many others might not be using any hair-styling products which I believe is the reason their hairstyle looks ‘meh’.  There are many hair-styling products like mouse, serum, paste etc. that I am not going to discuss in this article. I am picking the four products that create the most confusion among people about how they work.

Hair Gel

The most common and easily available hair-styling product in the market. And this is also something that I am never going to recommend to you. They are cheap but at a cost. The ingredients of a gel like the harsh alcohols are just too harmful for your hair. They can make your hair dry, frizzy and even cause dandruff. Talking about how it works- this product will give you a very high shine and extremely high hold. The hold does not look natural and will leave your hair crispy and rock hard.

How Hair Gel Works


Hair Pomade

Pomades are more classic in the sense that they are one of the oldest hair-styling products. Goes without saying that this product is for the more classic hairstyles like slick back or the side part. Pomades are suitable for hairstyles that are held tightly to the head, need comb and are not very bouncy or voluminous. It gives you a high hold and a glossy finish. But unlike gels, pomades don’t make your hair crispy or hard. Traditional pomades used to be all oil-based and hence, diffcult to remove from hair but a lot of aqua based pomades have arrived into the market.

Pomade- side part hairstyle
Side Part
Pomades- slick back hairstyle
Slick back


Hair Wax

The most popular hair-styling product right now is the hair wax. In fact, hair wax is used as a broader term to cover pomade, clays and waxes in some parts of the world. Wax differs from a pomade in the fact that it is suitable for hairstyles that have a little more volume. They do have a little shine as they have wax ingredients like petrolatum or lanolin. But there are a lot of matte versions also coming up. They have a medium hold and volumising properties. Your hair looks and feels natural and you can run your hands easily through it. To conclude, Wax is a perfect product if you have easily manageable hair and wish to add a little shine and texture to your hair.

Hair wax- how it works


Hair Clay

Clays are the newest entrants in the world of hair-styling products. They are called clays because they essentially have clay ingredients like bentonite or kaolin in addition to the normal Beeswax. The idea is to maintain super high hold without making your hair hard. Clays are great for adding texture and are fit for very voluminous hairstyles/thick hair that is not easy to manage. However, clay will not feel as light as wax and you will always feel the presence of clay in your hair. It also doesn’t have a soft shine like wax and will almost always give you a matte look.

How hair clay works


Please note that there are a lot of hybrid products in the market that call themselves as pomade wax, clay pomade, etc. What they exactly are is revealed by their ingredients. Hope this article helped you to understand what is the best hair-styling product for you.

02 comments on “Understanding you hair-styling products : Hair gel, pomade, clay and wax

  • Arun , Direct link to comment

    Please suggest the best product in decent range for very strong hold
    Am unable to find .I tried Taft but it’s just okay

    • Rahul Raina , Direct link to comment

      I would suggest Gatsby moving rubber Grunge Matte or Tigi bed head matte separation hair wax. These two are good products. There are other good products but not very affordable.

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