Light wash denim jacket

How to Choose and Style the Denim Jacket?

Denim is probably the best thing that ever happened to the clothing world. The most versatile fabric as a trouser, it is almost as versatile when worn as a jacket. Talking about the subcontinent, I see less people rocking the denim jacket on the streets. I say if you don’t have it, go get it. Your style game is weak if you don’t have at least one of those rugged pieces in your wardrobe. The denim jacket can be layered when too cold and worn alone when it’s just slightly chilly.

Light wash denim jacket

How to style the denim jacket?

Many people seem to have a tough time styling the denim jacket. They can’t seem to figure out what to wear with it. The rule is simple. More the contrast, more appealing the outfit. The closer your pant shade is to your jacket, the more stupid or retro you look. The major concern about wearing a denim jacket is if it can be paired with denim jeans. I say it can, but you have to be careful about the shade of the two denims to be very different. There are easier options like chinos that can be easily rocked with the denim jacket.

What to look for when buying the right denim jacket?

Fit – Make sure that your denim jacket is snug. It should hug you at the right places. Although very obvious, many people still compromise on this when they don’t find the perfect fit. Don’t do that. It will only be able to make a couple of trips out of the wardrobe, and then it’s going to be hanging there forever.

Wash – I recommend your first jacket to be the light wash denim jacket. The rule about contrast gets into play here. More the contrast, more appealing the outfit. And which is the most versatile jeans in your closet. It is the dark wash jeans which makes the light wash a little more versatile than the dark wash denim jacket.

Men’s fashion is all about the little details. People splurge a lot on their style, yet seem to rock very little of what they buy because they don’t think it through. Let us know your denim suggestions in the comments below.

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