Carrot fit jeans

4 Hot Fashion Trends You should Know

The fashion world always keeps surprising us with some lovely trends. Well, lovely or not, some of them really seem to break the rules. Quoting from the Vogue magazine – ‘The number 1 rule in fashion is that there are no rules’. So, I put down four trends in four different areas of men’s fashion that you should know.

  • Sock Sneakers

Sock Sneakers - Zara

Yes, you heard that right. There is a new phenomenon in the sneaker industry – a sock with a sole. You can pretty much guess what it’s all about. A stretchy knit upper with a rubber sole, this design was introduced by top athletic brands like Nike. Luxury brands have also stepped on the train with their own version of minimalist snockers. And contrary to what I thought of them earlier, they have reached amazing popularity level across the globe. The world of fashion is intriguing indeed.

  • Vintage round sunglasses

Round Vintage sunglasses

The John Lennon round sunglasses have returned. The 1960’s style sunglasses are back with smaller frames. These beauties are something you might want to consider having in your wardrobe because they are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

  • Carrot fit trousers

Carrot fit jeans

Though this might look like skinny to you but unlike skinny, this fit is loose at the crotch and more tapered and fitted at the calves. Just like the carrot. Many brands have started introducing this fit and it’s really catching on. Zara has a really good collection of carrot fit chinos


  • Smartwatches

Smart Watch
Samsung Galaxy Gear

Portable devices to be worn on the wrist that look like a timepiece but they are so much more. They are actually a mini computer . They can run apps, play songs via Bluetooth connectivity, have compass, Navigation and much more. There are so many players coming up with smartwatches. Apple i-watch, Fitbit Ionic, LG Watchsport, Samsung Gear are only a few of them..

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