Bad fitting suit

5 Style Mistakes while Wearing a Suit

A suit can elevate your personality and appeal to another level but it can do exactly the opposite if you are clumsy and making these style mistakes while you wear it.

  • Bad fit

Always get your suits tailored. Buying ready-made suits is the biggest style mistake you can make because a suit is one item of clothing that can look extremely sloppy and unpleasant if it does not fit well to your body. On the contrary, it can teleport you straight to Dapper street if it fits like a glove.

Bad fitting suit


  • Fastening the bottom button of your suit jacket

This is the most common mistake men make while wearing suits. You must never fasten the bottom button of your suit jacket. Consider it only for show. Now, try on your suit jacket and follow this buttoning rule. If you feel it is not working for you or whatever I said is garbage, then I can vouch for the fact that your suit jacket is not the perfect fit for you. I will publish a whole article on “How a suit should fit”. Keep following the blog for updates.

Fastened Bottom button


  • Square toed shoes

Well, not just with suits, these are not acceptable with any attire. Not only do they look outdated but simply ridiculous. Invest in captoe oxfords or wingtips and flush that square toed ugliness down the drain.

Square toed shoes


  • Belt – shoe mismatch

No. You cannot wear a black belt and pair it with a brown oxford or vice versa. I see a lot of men making this basic mistake. Your shoe and belt color must match. Infact, all your leather must match including the color of your watch strap or the leather bag you carry.

Belt shoe match

  • Inappropriate color of socks

Match the color of your socks with the color of your suit trousers to give your attire a clean polished look. Too much contrast will draw unnecessary attention to your sock area. This is not a hard line rule but a thumb rule to prevent yourself from making a fashion blunder. When unsure about the color of socks while wearing a suit, follow this simple rule and you will not go wrong. Once you get the sense of your personal style, you can go for a wide range of options like argyle or patterned socks that complement your tie etc. White socks are a strict no-no.

White Socks


I will get back soon with a few more style mistakes people make while wearing a suit. Keep following the blog for more updates on fashion.

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