Dark Wash Jeans- Navy Blue

How many pairs of jeans/denims you must own?

Jeans/Denims are the most versatile pieces of clothing in every man’s wardrobe. Every damn guy needs jeans but they are usually the most overlooked item while building a wardrobe. Most people don’t put much thought when buying that lovely piece of denim.

So, how to build your wardrobe when it comes to jeans? I feel there are 3 basic pairs of jeans that can get you through most of the situations.

  1. Black jeans

This is the most versatile pair of jeans you can own according to me. So many bloggers associate black denims with night time / parties. Hell No. They can be as easily dressed down as they can be dressed up. There are a few patterns or colours that actually might not go with dark wash blue jeans but they all go with black. With that, let’s move to the second spot.

Black Jeans
Black Jeans


  1. Dark Wash Jeans (Navy blue)

Almost as versatile as the black jeans, it goes with most of the pieces in your wardrobe. This is the pair of jeans with no to extremely mild fade and absolutely no distressing. Dark wash jeans can be easily dressed up for a party and dressed down for a nice casual afternoon with friends.

Dark Wash Denims- Navy Blue
Dark Wash Jeans
  1. Light wash jeans

Not as versatile as the dark wash or black jeans, these pair of jeans have a more casual feel to it which means it’s not easy to dress up. Looks great during day time. Pair it up with a white sneaker for the best casual looks.

Light Wash Denims
Light Wash Jeans

These, I feel, are the bare minimum number of jeans that you must have in your wardrobe. Only when you have these, you should go for other options like the umpteen types of faded or distressed jeans or other shades like grey or indigo colours available out there. Let me know what types of jeans you own in the comments section below.

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