Charcoal Suit - Most versatile

What should be the colour of your first suit?

It is time to turn up the dapper game. It is time to talk about suits. I am going to start writing this article assuming you don’t have any suit in your wardrobe. This can be due to a number of reasons – May be you are young and just starting off on your style journey. Or maybe your profession doesn’t require you to wear a suit and you feel that you don’t need it. I need to break something to you. Every damn guy needs a suit. The reason is simple. They look incredible (provided they fit you perfect). I won’t even bother into stating any other reason to convince you to get your first suit.

So,now you know you have to get a suit. It’s time for the tough decision. What should be the colour of your first suit? Or What colour suit is the absolute must have in your wardrobe? I have seen majority of the style gurus recommend against black as the first suit. You pick up any style blog in the world and they will advise you the same thing.

Charcoal Suit - Most versatile
Charcoal Suit

Why don’t they recommend black?

  • It is way too formal. Remember, your first suit should be the most versatile. Consider it as the only suit in your wardrobe. You have to wear it everywhere – weddings, social events, office, job interviews, parties etc. The black suit doesn’t fit the bill. In fact, some even say that they might not wear it anywhere except a cocktail party or a black tie event.
  • Black gives too much contrast in the day time or under the sun. This makes the black suit less versatile. Even traditionally, black has been regarded as more of a night colour.

My Take

Well, I believe these are just guidelines. There have been many stylish people who break the guidelines all the time and still never look out of place. There is something that a naturally stylish man possesses that can’t really be questioned. But if you want to play safe, you better follow the guidelines.

The first suit in my wardrobe was Dark Grey/Charcoal Grey. Most of the style bloggers would also recommend you to go for Dark Navy or Charcoal colours. They are the most versatile colours and will work for most of the occasions. But the main reason why I got the Charcoal as my very first suit was not these guidelines I mentioned above but a very simple reason:

  • Black is just too common. Especially around me. It shouldn’t be. But looks like hardly anyone is bothered about guidelines. I do not want to look like everyone else at every event.

And I can’t say I made a bad decision. You can pair charcoal suit with so many shirt and tie colours and it looks absolutely bomb. I am going to come up with articles about types of suit, right fit for a suit and many more. Tell me what you think about the article in the comments section below.

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