Plain White tee with tan accesories

Plain Tees vs Graphic Tees

The one thing that has been constant in the fashion world is change. Trends have come and gone. Still, there are things that have always been there and will always be. One such thing is the need for having my most favourite and important item in your wardrobe – Plain Tees.

Plain White tee with tan accessories

There is a reason why I stress on the ‘Plain’. Even as I sit here writing this in a quaint little cafe, I see a guy wearing an orange t-shirt with Garfield on front of it and I am only thinking – “why”. I can understand that he finds it cool and thinks that other people might find it relatable. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a damn. But we are the people who give a damn. So, let me give you two choices – ‘Classy’ or ‘Cool’. What would you choose?  I will advocate ‘classy’ over ‘cool’, especially for grown men, to death. And that’s what the plain tee makes you – mature and sophisticated. I am not saying graphic tees are bad. Infact, many subtle designs look good but get them only after you have got all the basic plain tees covered in your wardrobe.

The classic plain t-shirt is way more versatile and should be the main staple in any man’s wardrobe. Pairing your classic plain tee with the right pair of shoes, sunglasses and a nice watch is enough to keep your style game on point.

Look at how easily I have paired a tee with a dress pant and ended it with an oxford shoe .It is so easy to throw in dressier elements like the trouser in a casual look with the plain tee.  There is a lot you can do with your plain tees. Keep on experimenting when it comes to fashion but do not go too over the top.

The right fit is always the most important thing. Nothing is going to look right on you if it’s ill fitted and the same goes for basics like the t-shirt. So, don’t miss out on that. I am going to come up with a whole article about how to figure out the right fit for you.

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