Is the Yeezy still cool to wear?


Yeezy is the official collaboration sneaker by Kanye West and Adidas. The first shoe was launched in 2015. It was an instant hit and the whole brand became very influential. The Yeezy boost 750 “Light Brown” was initially released on February 14, 2015, exclusively for those who confirmed a reservation through the Adidas mobile app. This initial release was limited to 9000 pairs to be available only via the Adidas smartphone app. They were sold out within 10 minutes. The exclusivity of the shoe made it even more special.

Adidas Yeezy 350


Are Yeezys attractive?

I haven’t heard more varied opinions on any sneaker other than the Yeezys. The thing about wearing a pair of sneakers like Yeezys is that they make a statement. Some find the exorbitant price tag it carries and the exclusiveness of the shoe very attractive while others don’t care about the status symbol it carries and find the design aesthetically unpleasing. With such mixed perspectives on this shoe, I would say that wear it if you like it. Peoples’ opinions really don’t matter here because there isn’t a unianimous sentiment about it. You can surely feel amazing about wearing an exclusive pair of sneakers like the Yeezys.

But wait a minute, are they really exclusive? They are but we got another problem to deal with. We’ve all seen and heard about replicas but over time they have gotten real good.  I mean there is no way you are going to find an original pair of Yeezys for 3000 bucks. I can relate this to the Classic Ray Ban aviators, the replicas of which are so easily available in India that you will never know if a person is wearing a fake or a real one. The point being if Yeezys is all about pride to you and less about how it looks on you, you have to be really smart about this.

Adidas Yeezy Boost Oxford Tan

Are Yeezys still popular?

Let us come to the question whether the Yeezys are popular or not. Well, it is still sold out on the official Adidas US website. The fact that they are able to sell every pair they put on sale means people are still buying it. That’s in the US though. Yeezy 500 is available on the Adidas India website and for other variants, the website asks us to check local stores. To be fair, India is a different market altogether with price sensitive people having lesser disposable income. But that makes it even more of a status symbol here. My personal opinions are slightly different about the yeezys. But as I said earlier, there is no majority public opinion when it comes to Yeezys and hence, it really boils down to personal choice.

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