Do Beards look good on all men?

Beards are literally everywhere. Film stars to sports persons to musicians, beards have taken over the grooming world by storm. Being clean shaven is no longer a norm but an exception. Most men I interact with on this topic have a strong notion that beards make men more desirable to women. But do beards look good on all the men out there? The question itself has a flaw. It is simply impossible to decipher a code that can please all women on the earth. The views on this can be very subjective. Although, it seems like majority of the millennial women do like to see some facial hair on their men. But the same can’t be extended to women of all age groups.


Heavy Stubble - beards
Heavy Stubble
Light stubble - beards
Light Stubble

The psychology of the human mind seems to be affected a lot by trends. The bell bottom pants that were once considered very stylish are now considered hideous. But what made them attractive then and not now? The kind of environment one grows up in also tends to mold his preferences. You might notice that a lot of women (not all) from our parents’ generation absolutely do not appreciate any kind of facial hair on their partners. But women of our generation find it attractive. Well, it’s obvious that you have to choose your partner’s preferences here over your mother considering you are old enough. But there are a certain factors that should impact your decision about the facial hair.


If you re a 17 year old and have a full grown beard, there are high chances you won’t be appreciated. Beard implies strength and manliness. I am not saying it’s impossible to pull it off. But in case you still look like a boy structurally, the beard is going to look too out of place. It’s better to sport a stubble in such cases.

Quality of Facial hair

The point simply being ‘if you can’t grow a beard, do not grow it’. If you have irregular hair over your face, have scruffy hair, or the hair density is too less, it is never going to look great.

Face Shape

The shape of your face will determine the kind of beard that will look best on you. People tend to ignore this a lot. If you have too much fat on your cheeks or chin, you want a style that makes your face look more even.


The women I have interacted with till now have not been a big fan of full grown beards but would like to see atleast a light stubble on men. But the sample space is too small and I can’t give a conclusion just yet. It is a given that unkempt beards are highly unattractive and i don’t think i even need to stress on that in this article. All things said and done, it is ultimately your partner’s preferences you need to cater to. But in case you don’t have one right now, you can go by these generic rules to make your life easier.

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