Adidas Superstars 80s Sneakers

The Revival of the Adidas Superstars


One of the most iconic sneakers of the 70’s – the ‘Adidas Superstars’ were introduced in 1969 as a low top basketball sneaker. The highlight was the shell toe which was designed to protect the feet of the players. The sneaker gained popularity in no time when Kareem Abdul Jabbar brought the sneakers to NBA. The Superstars had become synonymous to basketball. Gradually, hip-hop aficionados brought it to the street. Though late 80s saw the decline in popularity for the Adidas Superstars

Adidas Superstars 80s Sneakers
Adidas Superstars 80s Sneakers


However, the sneaker has been back into the scene in the last couple of years. Being very gender-neutral in nature, everybody seems to be rocking it. From celebrities on the airports and the red carpets to supermodels in the fashion week, everybody is donning the iconic Superstars.


Jay Z sporting Superstars
Jay Z sporting Superstars
Kendall Jenner in the Classic Superstars White & Gold
Kendall Jenner in the Classic White & Gold Superstars

One of the major reasons behind the recent thrust to the iconic Adidas superstars can be attributed to the brilliant brand marketing campaign of the ‘Adidas Originals’ line. ‘Adidas Orginals’ is a line of casual sports clothing and footwear created by Adidas for the heritage products of Adidas. Adidas Originals uses the famous Trefoil logo, formerly used on all Adidas products before 1997. The Performance logo replaced the Trefoil in 1997 across the rest of the Adidas line.

Trefoil logo - "Adidas orginals"
Trefoil logo – “Adidas orginals”
Three stripe logo - "Adidas"
Three stripe logo – “Adidas”












The first Originals store opened in 2001 and marketing campaigns later in 2008 and 2010 popularised the line among the youth. The products under the Originals line are also relatively quite expensive and have a long history attached giving a sense of pride to the owners of these products.

Black Superstars with white stripes


Red and White variant of the Superstars

The Superstars come in a variety of different styles like black, rose gold, all white. I personally own the all-white Superstars because I love the spotless clean white look on it . But the classic three stripe white Superstars with the gold logo is the most popular Superstar sneaker in the market. It is one of my favorie white sneaker especially the white variant. I talk about that in my article on the white sneakers.


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