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4 Grooming Stereotypes Men need to break

The journey to being a perfectly groomed man has its ups and downs. You have good days and you have bad days. But each passing day makes you a better man. Though, to get down on that road, there are a lot of stereotypes and inhibitions that you need to shed. In this article, I am going to talk about 5 male grooming stereotypes that are preventing men to reach their best in the field of grooming.

  • Do not manscape

This is the one of the most common grooming stereotypes plaguing the men in the subcontinent and to a certain extent, the entire globe. Many men believe that removing body hair is a feminine thing and having hair makes them look macho.  On the contrary, it is most important for the men in the subcontinent as they tend to have more body hair and the warm tropical climate means more sweat and sweat stuck in body hair means more foul odour. This is the era of feminism and it’s not just men who can have expectations from women. Women have certain expectations from men too. I mean, who doesn’t look better with better managed body hair. You got to give that to your partner. It’s all about hygiene.

Grooming stereotypes busted - Body Hair Grooming for men

  • Shave it all

Though I do think that manscaping is very important, it does not mean you necessarily need to shave it all off. While there is a section of people against manscaping, there is also a section of people who say men should shave everything off. I have seen many style bloggers who recommend men to shave their body hair necessarily. I say no. It really depends on the your body structure, physique and the type of body hair you have. While shaving off body hair can look better on some men with great physique , others might just need to trim their body hair and let a little bit of it remain. We will talk more about that in our articles to come.

Grooming stereotypes busted -Tweezers are for men too

  • Tweezers are a woman’s thing

This is another one of the grooming stereotypes that can prevent your grooming game to be strong. You definitely need to have tweezers in your grooming kit. Do not bow down to the flawed idea of masculinity. Tweezers are the best tool to remove unwanted hair on your face and nose, sometimes. I mean, you cannot run to the salon all the time.

Grooming Stereotypes busted - Skincare for men

  • Skincare is not a big concern

Another gender stereotype where people believe that men do not need to focus on skincare as much as women. While women follow skincare routines and own a variety of skincare products, men, especially in the subcontinent, tend to just make their way through with one random cream or sometimes none. While it’s your choice to keep your skin healthy or not, but kindly do not believe that men’s skin needs to look tough and doesn’t need care like women. That actually does not make any sense. Men need to have a proper skincare routine for every day.

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