Plain Tees and White Sneakers - Simple Outfit

How to Choose the Right White Sneakers ?

Plain Tees and White Sneakers - Simple Outfit
White Sneakers by Zara

While I talked so much about the white sneakers being the trendiest and a must have in your wardrobe in my previous article, but there is still a major question to address before you get one. “How to choose the correct pair of whites”. You might have read many articles talking about buying a pair of white sneakers but the major challenge comes when you have to choose , because let me tell you, just any kind of white is not going to look great on you. You need to be smart about your buying decisions because these can be significant investments. The idea is to not get a pair of shoes and place it in a shoe rack only to never wear them ever in future.

What are the options?


  • Canvas / Leather / Mesh

I will choose leather because it gives a richer look to the outfit and more importantly, it is much easier to clean than canvas or mesh. A white sneaker will not look great if it is not white enough and leather will remain white for a longer time compared to other materials.


  • Lace-up / Strap-on / Slip-on

Lace-up is the more classic style. I recommend the first pair of white sneakers to be lace-ups. You can go for other styles after you have a lace-up in your shoe collection


  • High-top/ Low-top

The thing about high tops is that not everyone can carry the high tops to perfection. Moreover, they are sportier in nature and hence not as versatile as low tops. Low top should be your choice here.


I have my own favorites when it comes to white sneaks. Listing down a few.

Leather – Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Superstars, Nike Air Force 1, Reebok Classic

Canvas – Vans Old Skool, Converse All Star

Mesh –  Adidas NMD, Nike Presto, Adidas Ultraboost

Let me know about your favorite white sneakers in the comments section.

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